Reduced energy and gas costs from 20%

Extending the service life of a boiler, water heater, etc.

Extending the life of a boiler and water heater by 2-3 times

The maximum permissible water hardness for use is 2 times higher than analogues

Power Consumption 1.2 W

Shelf life 25-30 years

for electromagnetic
water treatment
12 450 RUB

How is the effect


Regions with very hard water
Regions with medium hardness water
Regions with soft water

In regions with very hard water and water of medium hardness, in the case of individual water supply (well), there is a risk of limescale formation.

One millimetre of limescale increases energy costs by 10%. What if there is a layer of limescale of 2-3 millimetres the walls of the devices? That is right; we lost 30% of the heat. All this reduces the service life of the devices. The equipment breaks down and is often not repairable.

Water4Force can remove any limescale and prevent it from reappearing.

What will happen
if you do not fight the limescale?


The temperature stress
of the heat exchanger metal
from contact with the flame increases.
As a result, destruction
may occur (melt or burst).


Under the limescale layer,
corrosion processes gradually
develop, which also lead
to premature failure
of the equipment.


Limescale destroys equipment,
mobile elements
of the washing machine.

Why the problems
of anti-limescale are not covered
on the Internet or in the press

Because it is not profitable for companies that sell and service boilers and water heating equipment, as it will not allow them to receive money for regular maintenance and repair.

Listen to the broadcast on the radio "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with the participation of the General Director of LLC "Tekhnologii budushchego" speaking on this topic:

How the device works

Structurally, the device is a microprocessor-controlled generator of high-frequency electromagnetic pulses with a variable frequency level of the radio signal.

In this case, microcrystals suspended in water are formed with a size of several microns. These microcrystals no longer stick to the walls, do not stick to and do not settle to the bottom. They are not visible to the eye; they hang in a mass of water and, if necessary, can be filtered. Thus, the device prevents the formation of limescale.

Wiring diagram

Water Supply

Comparison with competitors

Parameters Water4Force AquaShield Rapresol-1 Hydroflow Calmat
The maximum diameter of the pipeline in which water is processed up to 40 mm up to 60 mm up to 60 mm up to 38 mm up to 60 mm
Power consumption 1.2 W 5 W more than 5 W 1.2 W 1.5 W
Maximum allowable water hardness for use up to 20 mg/l up to 11 mg/l up to 9,5 mg/l up to 10 mg/l up to 10 mg/l
Installation method On the pipe On a wall with winding wires on a pipe On a wall with winding wires on a pipe On the pipe On a wall with winding wires on a pipe
Term of use 25-30 years 25-30 years up to 25 years up to 25 years 25-30 years
Dimensions 101x106x40 150x100x70 140x95x45 63x30x110 180х150х50
Price (rub) 12 450 12 500 7 400 35 800 18 500


LLC «IZTT», Izhevsk city.

A prepared heating element was installed in the water heater from a water heater that worked for 2 months (protocol of 03.22.17)

After 3 months of testing, the limescale on the heating element became soft; it can be removed by hand, wiping the surface of the heating element without applying much effort. The heating element almost all cleared. The magnesium anode dissolved almost half (5 months have passed since the first inclusion).

Download the entire protocol (report) (.pdf)
Nikolay Sorokin, Tver city.

I want to leave a review about the device protecting from the watermill limescale.
I bought it in May, and installed in June. During this time, June-December, I experienced minor problems: all the limescale came out of the pipes, it was very inconvenient and I was advised with a strainer to catch this limescale.
As a result, there is no more limescale.

Amir Kamaletdinov

I put your device on the inlet pipe a year ago immediately upon arrival. I live in a private house. I do not know the problems with limescale. I went through the first boiler service and was surprised. Everyone in the district complains about the poor quality of water, and my boiler is clean.
Thank you very much for the original domestic product!

Sergey Volkhin, Volgograd city.

I have been using it for a month, while there are no complaints.
Let's see what happens in 3 months (when I open the boiler).

Andrey Shestakov, Voronezh city.

I have been using the device for several years now, every time I open the boiler and do not find limescale there; I consider the money saved for flushing the pipe.

Ruslan Sitdikov, Orenburg city.

I live in a private house; I bought the device on the advice of a neighbour, for protection against limescale.
The device has been serving faithfully for the second year. The boiler and geyser do not suffer from limescale.

Video Review, Orenburg city.

Get rid of limescale forever

Order a Water4Force
electromagnetic treatment device for 12 450 RUB.

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